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We custom tailor our proprietary Go-to-Market Methodology to each client’s needs and goals, whether starting from day zero or assisting through post-launch.
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Optimizing Innovation in a
Fast-Moving Market

Market-shifting innovations exist in a paradox; they often require time to create solid business cases, but by taking the time, organizations may miss the market window. The pace of digital disruptions, regulatory changes, and emerging threats accelerate urgency and complicate due diligence. That’s where we come in. Using industry and business-driven insights, we help our clients strike within the most opportune window of market potential, positioning their products and clients for the future.

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We help our clients positiontheir products and customers for the future.

Golden Cog Strategy

We’ve established our own proprietary Golden Cog Strategy to unearth dominating forces that underpin nascent, fragmented, and emerging markets in order to capture unrealized opportunities and value pools. With our proprietary methodology, we are able to help our clients identify demand-driven use cases, establish the technologies available, pinpoint where investments are flowing, and discover the spaces that require more innovation.

Product-Market Fit

Product-market fit doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. At Liminal, we help our clients establish their value proposition and recommend new ways of creating sustainable value. We take a customer-centric approach to surveying the field, analyzing the segments that offer the largest opportunities for user acquisition. Our sprint-based workshops are carefully curated for client-teams to structure their ideas, test assumptions, scope requirements, and gain stakeholder buy-in.

Program Expansion Planning

Liminal’s Go-to-Market Methodology also extends to products already in-market. We evaluate the performance of in-flight products and programs, addressing market, economic, and regulatory challenges in order to propel growth.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Liminal’s robust, custom created go-to-market strategies help clients prepare for product launches by identifying target audiences and setting competitive positioning. Our clients trust us with creating blueprints for success, from identifying buyer personas and designing customer journeys to positioning products to enter new markets.

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Our Approach 
to Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy consulting engagements move faster and produce quantifiable benefits when they answer three key questions completely. Learn about Liminal’s approach to digital identity growth strategy and how we help our clients to go farther, faster.

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