Link Index for
Transaction Fraud Prevention
E-Commerce 2024


Report Overview

Get the 2024 Link™ Index for Transaction Fraud Prevention for E-Commerce, Liminal’s annual ranking of the top solutions meeting merchant demands for fraud detection and prevention capabilities. This report offers a comprehensive market analysis and assessment of product capabilities, covering nearly 60 products tailored to the e-commerce sector. In this competitive landscape, only 15 companies and their products have emerged as the top transaction fraud prevention solutions for e-commerce today.

Whats Inside

  • Market Overview and Vendor Landscape
  • Survey Results for Buyer Demands and Must-Have Product Features
  • Assessment Criteria for Product Capability Strength and Market Presence  
  • Vendor Position on the Link Index for Transaction Fraud Prevention in E-Commerce 
  • Detailed Company Profiles and Product Information for the Leading Vendors
  • Methodology, Definitions, and Transaction Fraud Prevention Process Diagrams

What you’ll learn

  • Insights into how e-commerce merchants are confronting new AI fraud threats 
  • An overview of the challenges e-commerce companies face, including AI-driven fraud, user friction, and the increasing cost of fraud
  • A look at how vendors meet buyer priorities for must-have product features and capabilities, focusing on AI/ML technologies and user experience
  • An in-depth market analysis and vendor landscape covering market demand, buyer preferences, market challenges, and a ranking of leading solution providers
  • Visualize and compare market trends and the relative positions of solution provider performance across dimensions for product execution and strategy thresholds. 
  • Where each vendor is positioned on the Link Index for Transaction Fraud Prevention in E-Commerce 
  • Detailed company profiles and product details for the top 15 market players, providing insights into their strengths, gaps, and market positions.

View the Link Index for insights you can use to gain a strategic competitive advantage with the actionable market intelligence you need to drive business outcomes:

About the Link Index for Transaction Fraud Prevention in E-Commerce

The report highlights that most vendors in the space meet the basic demands for a solution to protect against first-party or third-party fraud. Still, only a select few meet buyers’ need for end-to-end platforms that address the broad spectrum of fraud prevention and adjacent solution needs. E-commerce merchants emphasized key vendor considerations for scalability, network effects, and robust engineering capacity.

Among this year’s companies, the top 15 vendors achieved a minimum product execution of 57% and a leading strategy threshold of 38%.

Profiles of the top 15 vendors leading in this market include Accertify, CyberSource (Visa), Forter, Human, Kount (Equifax), LexisNexis is Risk Solutions, Nethone, NuData Security (Mastercard), Ravelin, Riskified, Sardine, Seon, Sift, Signifyd, and Vesta. For complete results, including company profiles, product details, and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, use case, and other criteria, go to Link™.

  • Methodology

    The Link Index offers a detailed analysis and ranking of leading vendors for specific use cases, leveraging robust data and insights from Liminal’s market and competitive intelligence platform, Link. Liminal’s research team invites solution providers to participate in a company survey and analyst briefing. It uses a proprietary framework to assess and rank product capabilities based on their relevance to market needs. Liminal’s Digital Identity Landscape taxonomy and ontology are central to the Link Index, which precisely evaluates vendor solutions by buyer demand, product capability, and market presence. Liminal conducts a rigorous survey among buyers in the vendor selection process to identify the most in-demand product capabilities and the most valued product components. Market presence criteria included buyer satisfaction, market penetration, and brand recognition. The Link Index was designed to be used to inform go-to-market strategy and execution and provide guidance for solution buyers, specifically:

    • Executives in corporate strategy
    • Leaders of go-to-market execution
    • Practitioners of solution implementation

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