Liminal Citations Policy

Updated: November 2023

These guidelines explain how companies may use Liminal research in their sales, marketing, and product materials. Please note that, by Liminal Strategy’s Citation Policy, a company must be a current Liminal member or have purchased reprint rights to a specific report to cite from the report or use Liminal’s research findings in any of its public material.

Liminal Strategy has created these guidelines to help you understand how your company (and others) can use the analysis fairly and objectively to communicate the strengths of your products and services. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to create guidelines that uphold a mutually respectful, fair environment for all solution providers and reinforce Liminal’s value as an objective and independent market intelligence firm. 

In addition to the research team conducting the Link Index Reports, Market and Buyer’s Guides, and Seminal Research, other key contacts at Liminal are as follows:

For any external citation usage, press release, and marketing approvals (required), please email: [email protected] 

For reprint rights, if you are a current Liminal client, contact your Account Manager or email: [email protected] 

Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report Overview

The Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link™ Index Report are comprehensive research and analysis for buyers seeking to understand market trends and available technology solutions based on expert insights and perspectives. Liminal employs a rigorous process to create these research tools, surveying buyers and solution providers, in addition to utilizing a proprietary framework to identify, evaluate, and rank product capabilities based on their applicability to market use cases. 

The Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report contains key sections for definition, market demand, market challenges and drivers, key purchasing criteria, vendor landscape, landscape analysis, and buyer opportunities. Each section includes data, analysis, and perspectives sourced and owned by Liminal or otherwise properly cited.  

Liminal’s Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report contain detailed vendor comparisons, product completeness, and market presence. It also includes company profiles, highlighting their use-case-related offerings, position, ratings, and reasonings. It also features a buyer’s guide to help inform the buying decision process with key questions to ask on requests for information (RFIs) to vendor assessment tools.

Approval Process

Liminal Strategy must approve all requests to reference surveys, Link data analysis, or expert perspectives before dissemination. This includes press releases, marketing materials, presentations, spokesperson quotes on the Web, and other uses intended to communicate beyond your company. Send requests for approval to [email protected].

Please note that: 

  • Liminal requires a minimum of 48 hours to respond to requests.
  • Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Materials submitted before Liminal releases a new report will require more time.
  • Approved materials cannot be released or referenced before Liminal’s announcement.
  • Prior approvals do not guarantee approvals of future requests. You must request permission for every use.
Citation Guidelines

After Liminal publishes the final version of it’s Market and Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report report, companies may issue their own press releases, social announcements, and other materials about the results of their product or positioning. When crafting the release or other materials, companies must adhere to the following guidelines:

Only Liminal and Liminal clients and members can cite Liminal’s Market and Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report. While we invite clients and non-clients to participate in the research process, the right to cite these research reports is reserved only for current Liminal clients, members, and media. 

Non-clients may not issue press releases or other materials citing the Liminal research results. 

We understand that buyers and solution providers have invested time and effort into the research process and would like to benefit as much as possible from the published results. If you are not a current Liminal client or member, please speak with one of our account executives about obtaining the rights to cite a Liminal research report in a press release or other marketing materials.

All citations of the Liminal’s Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report must be limited in scope and cited verbatim from Liminal’s written research. Companies may include extracts from the report and may not be altered.

Additional Policy Specific to Vendor Rankings in the Link Index Report

Companies may only claim they are a Leading Vendor when citing their overall Link Index Results. Companies may not use descriptor or superlative words such as “Overall Winner,” “Best in Class,” or Number One” when describing overall Link Index results.

Companies may use “highest score” or “top-ranked” wording only when citing their Link Score, Product Completeness, or Market Presence results from the Link Index Report. 

Although Liminal does not name an overall “winner” in the Link Index Report, we permit companies to highlight their results when they receive the highest scores in a given category. Companies that tie for a top score with another company may use language such as “among the highest scores” or “highest scores possible” (if applicable).

Claims from companies about how they performed in the Link Index Report that are not verbatim from the report must include opinion language such as “We believe” and “We think” so it is clear that they are not Liminal statements. 

All citations must be based on Liminal’s weightings. Companies may not publicly cite or display custom scores from the Link Index Report. 

Limina’s Link Index Report is not a validation or endorsement of any company or its products, and sentences that state this explicitly or implicitly may not be used.

Media and Marketing Guidelines

We advise that companies use their press release to highlight their product’s scores and performance and not disparage another company.

Citations must be taken verbatim from the published text – Do not paraphrase the text when citing Liminal, the Market and Buyer’s Guide, or the Link Index Report. 

Clients and Members may use the charts and graphics in the report in presentations to live audiences as long as the charts and graphics are shown in their entirety, unaltered, and with the original title and date of the publication. 

The following disclaimer must be legible on the slide:

Liminal Strategy, Inc copyrights the Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link™ Index Report. It graphically represents Liminal’s call on the market use case. Information is based on the best available resources, and opinions are subject to change. Liminal does not endorse any depicted company, product, or service. 

Clients with reprint rights to a Market and Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report may display unaltered graphics on their website home page or as part of a web page exclusively dedicated to the reprint. 

Clients with reprint rights to a Market or Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report may display their entire, unaltered company profile or wrapper in their marketing and promotional material and website.

To ensure the proper representation of the Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report, Liminal must approve all citations. To obtain approval, please email [email protected] with a citation and a description of its context.

Clients may not provide copies of the Market and Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report to press members, nor can they facilitate interviews with Liminal spokespeople and the press without our approval. Please direct all press inquiries regarding Liminal’s research to [email protected]  

Policy Violations

The Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report research and other materials are proprietary to Liminal Strategy, Inc. and constitute works of original authorship, including compiled content of preexisting material that Liminal has created, gathered, or assembled.

Information created, developed, and maintained by Liminal or its licensors at great expense of time and money such that misappropriation or unauthorized use by others for commercial gain would unfairly and irreparably harm Liminal.

Liminal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately terminate any uses of its intellectual property that violate these guidelines or that otherwise abuse, harm, or damage any of Liminal’s intellectual property. Liminal also reserves the right to alter these guidelines to uphold fair and ethical use of its products and trademarks.

The Market and Buyer’s Guide and Link Index Report, and all other written research are proprietary to Liminal Strategy, Inc.

United States and international copyright laws protect Market and Buyer’s Guides and Link Index Reports and may not be printed, reproduced, altered, or excerpted for use in press materials, sales, or promotional collateral; marketing and advertising campaigns or materials; websites; presentations; or any other forms of media, including print, broadcast, web-based, and electronic.

Digital Reprints 

A company may post a digital version of the Market and Buyer’s Guide or Link Index Report on its website, provided it has purchased research reprints from Liminal. To purchase reprint rights, email [email protected].