Weekly Industry News – Week of Dec 25

Yura Nunes
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Week of December 25, 2023 

Here are the main industry highlights of this week.

India’s mAadhaar App Introduces Paperless Offline e-KYC for Simplified, Secure Identity Verification

India’s mAadhaar app now includes a ‘Paperless Offline e-KYC’ feature, enabling Aadhaar holders to generate a .zip file for secure and shareable offline identity verification. This update marks a significant improvement in simplifying identity verification, offering enhanced convenience and privacy for users.

Aadhaar Expands Ecosystem: Linking Vocational Identifiers for Efficient Benefits Distribution in India

India’s Aadhaar program expands to include vocation-specific identifiers, like linking small and marginal farmers’ records for efficient subsidy distribution and constructing worker IDs.

Worldcoin’s Global Expansion with World ID 2.0: Achieving Milestones in Identity Verification and User Engagement

Worldcoin introduced World ID 2.0 in Singapore, expanding global interest in their proof of personhood concept. Users can now verify their identity using the Worldcoin Orb device in Singapore following a successful launch and open-sourcing of their iris recognition pipeline.

Yoti Secures £20 Million in New Funding to Expand Digital Identity Solutions and Partnerships

Digital identity firm Yoti has secured £12.5 million in debt funding from HSBC and an additional £7.5 million in convertible debt funding from existing shareholders, bringing the total funding to £20 million.

Cisco Expands Cloud-Native Capabilities with Isovalent Acquisition

Cisco is set to acquire Isovalent, a cloud-native security and networking startup, to bolster its networking and security capabilities.

FBI Director Wray Highlights China’s Potential Use of AI in Cyber Espionage Against the U.S.

FBI Director Christopher Wray cautioned about the risk of China using artificial intelligence to gather and leverage US data.

Delayed Disclosure: National Amusements’ Data Breach Affects Over 80,000, Company Faces Criticism

National Amusements faced criticism for disclosing a data breach affecting 82,128 individuals a year later, despite offering free credit monitoring and claiming no evidence of identity theft.

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