Case Study: Digital Identity Competitive Landscape


The Challenge

SecureKey, one of the world’s largest digital identity trust networks, engaged Liminal to develop a comprehensive understanding of the market and competitive landscape for a series of potential launch industry verticals.

The Action

In addition to the proprietary research, we drafted four whitepapers for public distribution. The four white papers defined notable market challenges for each industry, how more robust digital identity procedures can address these issues, and the value of our client’s product.

We leveraged our proprietary tools, including Liminal IQ,  a database of over 13,000 companies engaged in the digital identity market, resulting in a market intelligence report. The report included an identity market overview, supply-side analysis of their identity data providers, industry selection methodology, and deep dives into potential partners, and a competitive analysis.

The Outcome

Over the course of a four-month engagement, our client received a detailed market intelligence report including a summary of interviews and analysis from their data supply partners and product team. Based on the findings of our industry selection exercise, the client received a State of Identity podcast and four product marketing white papers each targeting a different industry. As a result of our efforts, the client made strategic decisions around product deployment, feature development, and market positioning.

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