Case Study: Investor Relations

Case Study: Investor Relations

The Challenge

A venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies were exploring additional investment opportunities across digital identity focused companies that service a spectrum of industries. Liminal was engaged to help navigate the rapidly evolving digital identity landscape, advise on market trends, identity business development opportunities, and publish industry eminence.

The Action

  • Personalized industry insights and market intelligence
  • Ongoing business development for the client and their investments
  • Access to the broader Liminal platform and community
  • Content promotion and marketing including podcast features and co-branded blog posts

Our approach included providing ongoing advisory services including:

The Outcome

Liminal performed due diligence on startups developing identity products and solutions that reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk, and enable better customer experiences. Additionally, Liminal was able to assist the client with understanding distributed ledger technologies currently underpinning identity-related solutions. The client was able to provide liquidity in the market, which has since resulted in several successful exits. 

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