Case Study: Marketing Analysis and Recommendation


The Challenge

Identity issues touch the lives of every person around the world with access to the internet or a mobile device. As such, companies are turning to new content marketing methods that only recently have become cost-effective, such as company branded applications and video content. A global not-for-profit trade organization sought to develop a central repository of curated video content focused on digital identity. Liminal was engaged to assess the feasibility of the client’s content marketing strategy and assist the client with a go/no-go decision.

The Action

Liminal then proposed three strategic choice paths for the client’s three-year video marketing strategy, and helped determine the one best suited for a combination of growth and fiscal restraint.

Liminal conducted a business case analysis on the feasibility of the project, generating an in-depth analysis of pros and cons, proposed business models, and recommendations for which models our client should consider for use. Liminal conducted a detailed business case analysis on the feasibility of the project, delivering a research report mapping the digital identity content marketing sector, assessing the competitive landscape for digital identity content marketing, and weighing key operational considerations for project launch.

The Outcome

Our client was able to assess the risks and opportunities of investing in video content marketing strategy, competing video distribution business models, and the high-level budget and timing required for materials and services. Our client was successfully able to leverage an alternative business model to the one they had originally proposed, creating long-term partnerships with industry trade organizations to partner on multimedia content marketing opportunities, which continue to exist in the market today.

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