FingerprintJS: Fraud at the Source

Episode 237


Episode 237

FingerprintJS: Fraud at the Source

Fingerprinting technology is the backbone of most major fraud detection solutions. It identifies unique visitors and associated sessions, undeterred by incognito browsing, VPNs, cookie blockers, and other technologies used to anonymize fraudulent actors online. Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Dan Pinto, CEO of FingerprintJS as they discuss the power of browser fingerprinting as a service and how browser-driven identifiers can complement anti-fraud solutions with up to 99.5% accuracy. They tackle the benefits of first-party tracking and what’s next in anti-fraud solutions.


Cameron D’Ambrosi


Dan Pinto, CEO at FingerprintJS


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Episode 288

In this month’s Investing in Identity series, we dive into notable deals that are shaking up the summer and take a look at what July’s stock rally implies for market performance this fall.

This month’s agenda features:

  • HUMAN, a global leader in safeguarding against bot attacks and fraud has merged with PerimeterX. On the surface, these companies pose competitive threats to one another; however, the use of UEBA to support bot detection, account abuse detection, and fraud prevention, make for an attractive merger
  • We watched the NASDAQ and S&P make a rebound in July. Is this a bear market rally? Hear our predictions moving into the fall for digital identity deal activity and deal count

Episode 287

Javier Mira, President, and CEO at FacePhi joins this State of Identity podcast to talk about the coming decentralization of the biometrics industry. How to drive inclusion and fairness with the use of biometrics. The role that liveness detection has to play in biometrics deployments moving forward, as well as the expansion outside of core regulated industries for biometrics.

Episode 286

What does the future hold for biometric identity verification platforms? Tune into this week’s State of Identity podcast to hear host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Julen Remesar, Head of Sales at Alice Biometrics discuss the pathway forward for a field that continues to evolve in the face of shifting regulations, platform demands, and new technologies.

Episode 285

What if verified identity was digitized? Join this week’s State of Identity podcast with host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Tomer Kagan, CEO and Co-Founder of Merit to tackle bringing liquidity to verified identity through full access, transparency, and utility for individuals. They dive into creating an ecosystem of truth and trust. Tune in, to find out how. 

Episode 284

Do you want to own and control your identity? Join this week’s State of Identity podcast with host Cameron D’Ambrosi as he welcomes SimpleID CEO, Peter Kirby to discuss reusable digital identity, the blockchain, web3, and what it means to have an identity network on the blockchain.

Episode 283

This week’s State of Identity podcast welcomes Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President of Digital Identity at Mastercard & Carlos Collodoro, CEO at IDPBR. We unpack the unique circumstances of the digital identity market in Brazil. Hear the similarities that Brazil has with other state-level fragmented markets like the United States and what some of the challenges are of spinning up an identity network without direct support from government agencies.

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