Episode FingerprintJS: Fraud at the Source

Episode 237


Episode 237

FingerprintJS: Fraud at the Source

Fingerprinting technology is the backbone of most major fraud detection solutions. It identifies unique visitors and associated sessions, undeterred by incognito browsing, VPNs, cookie blockers, and other technologies used to anonymize fraudulent actors online. Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Dan Pinto, CEO of FingerprintJS as they discuss the power of browser fingerprinting as a service and how browser-driven identifiers can complement anti-fraud solutions with up to 99.5% accuracy. They tackle the benefits of first-party tracking and what’s next in anti-fraud solutions.


Cameron D’Ambrosi


Dan Pinto, CEO at FingerprintJS


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Episode 240

What if we could go beyond a fingerprint to establish behaviors, mannerisms, and motor movements that make you uniquely you? In this week’s State of Identity podcast, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Jonathan Nystrom, CEO of Intensity Analytics, to discuss the geospatial, multidimensional routines that comprise behavioral biometrics. Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are being adopted as the next wave of frictionless authentication to compare previous behavior to current behavior, all to sufficiently identify that you’re you.

Episode 239

MX, a financial services, data, and software company, connecting users to their accounts, financial institutions to their users, and taking the data that comes out of those connections to enhance and refine so that it becomes more usable. Listen to host Cameron D’Ambrosi and David Whitcomb, VP of Product Connectivity Experience at MX sit down to tackle the history behind open finance, where we are today, FinTechs journey with accessing accounts, facing the reality that there is no endpoint, and the power of open source technology.

Episode 238

Join host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, and Walter Beisheim, Chief Business Development Officer of Nok Nok Labs as they discuss fraud mitigation use cases including account takeover prevention and payments authentication. They address the benefits of a FIDO-compliant Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) solution and debunk the major myths around the adoption of SCA, the perceived friction that it imposes on your customers, and its impact on your business.

Episode 236

When designing automating customer onboarding flows, one of the most critical failure points is maintaining a well-designed consumer-facing user experience. When verifying new customers, is there a trade-off to maximize both pass rates and accuracy? Is the trade-off real or perceived? On this week’s State of Identity podcast, host Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Steve Kirkham, Co-Founder at Berbix to discuss the P0 requirements for the next generation of technologies to verify new users both instantly and accurately.

Episode 235

The key to scaling digital identity solutions is to ‘think global, act local.’ How do we implement digital identity frameworks to ensure trust between transaction parties? How do we account for regional discrepancies including cultural nuances around consumer data privacy and consent? Join Cameron D’Ambrosi, host of State of Identity, and Michael Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer at Prove as they explore data solutions across the identity lifecycle, from creation and verification through authentication and authorization. You’ll also learn how organizations are streamlining operations to remove friction, enable commerce, and detect potential fraud using a modernized authentication stack and identity resolution technologies.

Episode 234

The identity industry is evolving. Once a niche field that very few people understood, digital identity is now a strategic piece in every organization’s security architecture. Organizations are successfully breaking away from monolithic, legacy systems yet one key challenge that remains is building user-centric security solutions. To build centralized authorization in an increasingly decentralized world, identity data needs to be dynamic and easily adaptable — without changing a single line of code. Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Director of Strategic Alliances at Cloudentity David Lee as they pave way for the next realm of “identity 3.0” and break down open data, the adoption of new identity standards, and active governance systems across the organization.

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