Episode Who Do You Trust With Your Wallet?

Episode 254


Episode 254

Who Do You Trust With Your Wallet?

Sweden’s Freja eID is a pinnacle example of government-approved digital identity, all from the convenience of your mobile wallet. Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi as he kicks off 2022 with Kristofer von Beetzen, Chief Product Officer of Freja eID. They dive into the burning questions for eID including who should control identity, why and when you shouldn’t host identity data yourself, the future of mobile wallets, and whether identity will rule the world.


Cameron D'Ambrosi, Managing Director at Liminal


Kristofer von Beetzen, Chief Product Officer at Freja eID


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Episode 256

Where is the biometric industry’s role in leading consumer education? Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and David Ray, COO & General Counsel at Rank One Computing as they discuss how the industry is evolving and the direction it is going. Discover how the rise of mobile, opened more lines of business across different industry verticals, and the tremendous value in being able to understand the assurance of who’s on the other side of that device.

Episode 255

Are there effective means to catch fraudsters, money launderers, and terrorists? On this week’s State of Identity podcast, host Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined with Tony Petrov, Chief Legal Officer at Sumsub to discuss image-based automated KYC, countries liveness detection, anti-fraud instruments, and watchlists while building your AML procedures compliant with various data protection laws. Hear what biometric data provides to online service providers and the difference in regulation to start a fintech in Singapore, UK, or in Austria.

Episode 253

Digital Identity has the power to enable “trust” in a matter of seconds. It’s changed the game — from trading assets and voting to obtaining access to everyday services. How do you create trust? On this week’s State of Identity, host Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Alexei Stanislawski, CEO at maat.ai to discuss the trust paradox. As government-issued documents become obsolete, we can expect to see a shift towards peer-to-peer networks building a new trust framework from the digital traits of our lives.

Episode 252

Organizations, node operators, and leaders are contributing to the emerging concept of decentralized identity, which puts identity back into the control of its people. On this week’s State of Identity podcast host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Indicio’s CEO, Heather Dahl, and CTO, Ken Ebert, to discuss identity wallets, verified credentials, the role of the Sovrin Foundation, and new momentum around interoperability across decentralized identity.

Episode 251

Digital identity is now recognized as a key building block in digitizing public administration; however, it requires interoperability with private sector use cases to drive value for its citizens. In this week’s State of Identity podcast, we’re joined by Sebastian Manhart, Advisor on Digital Identity for the German Federal Chancellery to discuss recent developments in eIDAS applications, the potential for self-sovereign identity in government, and the outlook for digital identity infrastructure in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Episode 250

The past 10 years have introduced and welcomed mobile wallets, digital assistants, and the adoption of digital identity verification. With the intricacies of our online lives, the notion of tying verification to a credential is slowly dissipating. In this week’s State of Identity podcast, join host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, and Rick Song, Co-founder and CEO of Persona. They break down Persona’s recent $150MM raise, what the next 10 years pose for identity verification, and a few expected challenges we can anticipate along the way.

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