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Establishing Trust: Identity Verification in an Increasingly Digital World


By Liminal Team

The design of identity verification platforms that meet the sweet spot of optimal access control with minimal end-user friction is comparable to the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story — not too hot and not too cold, but just right. This “Goldilocks Zone” is highly subjective — what works for one organization will invariably not work for another since all organizations have differing degrees of risk tolerance.

Created in partnership with Acuant, this report examines the fundamental components of how digital identities are built. It assesses how organizations can design a digital identity response that meets both the needs of their customer base, as well as their own risk tolerance parameters. It also provides case studies of best practices in implementation across different verticals. Inside you’ll find the building blocks for designing a robust and appropriate digital identity model for your organization.

The report includes

  • The Elusive “Goldilocks Zone” for Identity Verification: Getting It Just Right
  • The Building Blocks of Identity Verification & Balancing Friction
  • Selecting the Right Risk-Based Identity Verification
  • Identity Verification in the Wild
  • Recommendations
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