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Digital-First Banking: How the Pandemic has Fueled Reliance on Mobile Identity

May 20, 2021

By Liminal Team

In partnership with Boku, we share a report filled with data and insights that highlight how the pandemic has accelerated the speed at which financial institutions must adapt existing on-boarding and user authentication flows to create more frictionless, digital-first products and services. 

The consumer shift to digital-first has ushered in a new era of ubiquitous computing. On-demand access to web apps, internet service, and pay-as-you-go capabilities have tethered the global community, accelerating the pace at which businesses and individuals can access products and services. The cellular technologies, devices, and networks that service over five billion mobile subscribers across the world also unlock new data streams that provide us with digital identities as unique as a fingerprint.

The report includes

  • COVID-19 As a Catalyst for “Online Everything”
  • Mobile Identity as a Data Stream
  • The Evolution of Digital Onboarding
  • Future-driven, actionable data and insights
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