Insight report

The Life of PIEs: The Journey to Personal Identity Ecosystems


By Liminal Team

Digital identity is a how, not a what, and the path to establishing Personal Identity Ecosystems (PIEs) will be a journey, not a destination.

This report maps this journey, from today’s fragmented framework of one-to-one relationships, to one-to-many federated identity relationships, to many-to-many relationships of private and perhaps public decentralized ecosystems. On the way, we will explore the key players that are vying for a piece of this opportunity, flagging their strengths and weaknesses, and mapping directionally where they are best suited to meet the requisite criteria of privacy, commerce, reputation, and data management.

The report includes

    • What are Personal Identity Ecosystems (PIEs)?
    • The State of Consumer Identity Today
    • Introducing the Liminal Digital Identity Landscape
    • Industry Impact and Participation
    • Industry Comparative Analysis
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