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The Market Opportunity for Reusable Identity and How to Get There


The market is driving demand for reusable identity. Digital identity is undergoing rapid transformation; as consumer-centric solutions go mainstream, we see a demand for interoperable identity credentials that can be integrated across different use cases in the digital and physical world.

Catalyzing events have increased the viability of reusable identity. The internet was built without a foundational identity layer. As companies came online in the dot com boom, they were forced to build 1:1 relationships. In the 2000s, single-sign on (SSO) enabled federated identity and the evolution of 1:N relationships. Reusable digital identity paves a path forward for building N:N relationships that eliminate the fundamental risks created by its predecessor models.

Reusable identity relies on network effects enabled by Personal Identity Ecosystems (PIEs): To facilitate reusable identities, the current paradigm needs to shift to one that supports interoperable networks, public private partnerships, and fully fledged ecosystems – with supporting standards, policies, and trust frameworks – that provide consumers with data mobility.

This report represents an early POV based on hundreds of engagements with leading identity vendors and identity-forward enterprises on what reusable identity is, what the market opportunity can be, and how to get there. We do not have a clear path defined nor business models validated, but that’s the fun part for those who want to attempt to capture the holy grail of identity.

The report includes

  • Reusable Identity Market Overview
  • Market Demand Drivers
  • The Reusable Identity Total Addressable Market Size
  • Key Milestones for Adoption and Growth
  • Overview of Liminal Strategy Partners
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