Customer Onboarding

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It’s possible to both strengthen identity assurance without increasing friction. We can show you how.

Customer relationships begin when they open an account. With proven, cost-effective strategies and technologies, organizations can place user experience at the heart of customer onboarding without an increase in fraud or abuse.

Identity Verification
& Proofing

Trust is the foundation of our digital economy – it’s knowing with certainty that the person on the other side of a transaction is who they claim to be, every time. We work with our clients to identify and recommend the latest identification and verification technologies, mobile device intelligence, and biometrics data to help build competitive advantage both online and in the real world.


The shifting global regulatory environment can render static customer onboarding flows obsolete as soon as they’re implemented. A dynamic approach to account opening, KYC, and entity verification keeps organizations ahead of the competition with the flexibility to meet current and future regulatory and AML requirements. At Liminal, we help tier 1 banks and startups alike build compliance programs made for the modern day enterprise.


Building trusted relationships with your customers starts with data transparency. Today’s identity resolution and graphing solutions help organizations optimize every customer experience with contextual information and AI-powered precision. As organizations grapple with the realities of GDPR, CCPA, and patchwork privacy regulation, we help our clients activate first-party data and explore how to operate as ethical stewards of consumer information.

Open Banking
& PSD2

The open banking revolution is fundamentally changing the way financial institutions share information and access customer data; ultimately providing  a more personalized customer journey. At Liminal, we are working with financial services, fintechs, and open source solution providers to mature secure API connectivity, minimize data collection, comply with PSD2 and emerging global standards, and improve digital capabilities in an increasingly connected data economy.

Liminal helps clients put a plan in place to center user experience at the heart of customer onboarding without an increase in fraud and risk.

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