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Digital Identity

In the seven years that we analyzed the evolution of the Digital Identity Landscape, we’ve found innovation to be a consistent linchpin, a reliable indicator of what the future might hold.
Digital Identity Landscape
About the Digital Identity Landscape


the Landscape

Learn more about the component parts of our landscape framework and understand how we use each piece to gain insight into the future of the ecosystem.


Evolution of The Landscape

Take a look at the evolution of the landscape, our assesment approach, and key players over the last five years.

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Digital Identity Landscape History

With every year, our Digital Identity Landscape provides insight into a dramatically shifting industry. What’s unique about this year is the adoption of Digital Identity awareness, interest, and use cases from a largely secondary set of users: the consumer.

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Golden Cogs

Golden Cogs are the keys to our successful market growth predictions. Here we’ll explain more about what Golden Cogs are, how we find them, and how we use them within our framework.
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Quarterly Trends

Read more about our assesments of each quarter and take note of where we think the next landscape evolution will take place 

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