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Liminal releases its 7th annual Digital Identity Landscape™

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Surging Demand for Better Consumer Digital Experiences Leads Liminal to Assess Over 2,000 Technology Providers in its annual Digital Identity Landscape™, a 4x Increase in 6 Years


Liminal Strategy Inc. 

02 Feb, 2023, 10:00 ET

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Liminal announced today the release of its 7th annual Digital Identity Landscape™, a cutting-edge framework that quantitatively and qualitatively assesses more than 2,000 companies for investment firms and solution providers looking to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital identity market.

2023 Digital Identity Landscape by Liminal

Figure: 2023 Liminal Digital Identity Landscape

Digital identity has become a ubiquitous term in recent years, and as consumers become more aware of its value, the needs for security and protection are now table stakes. The ecosystem of digital identity solution providers has rapidly expanded to address consumer demands for better user experiences while addressing critical needs for privacy, data protection, commerce, reputation management, and inclusivity.

“We’re witnessing one of the most exciting times in transforming what digital identity means to enterprises and consumers,” said Travis Jarae, founder and CEO at Liminal. “New solutions are emerging that we expect will pave the path forward for creating new and better experiences, improving security, and reducing fraud risk.”

Two new types of digital identity solution providers have been introduced on Liminal’s 2023 Digital Identity Landscape, including persona- and signals-based assertions to address the age-assurance challenge of age-gated content and decentralized identity and verifiable credential management (DID/VCM) to differentiate the infrastructure that enables identity wallets from the wallet itself – a potentially significant disruptor in the marketplace.

There’s also a notable shift in buying behavior among many product managers and business owners across verticals and geographies, showing a preference for full-stack and platform solutions over better point solutions. “Understanding the latest tech trends through the Digital Identity Landscape has been invaluable for our company in creating better products and ensuring a secure and reliable experience for our customers across all platforms and services,” said Filip Verley, Group Product Manager at Google.

Liminal’s 2023 Digital Identity Landscape tracks emerging trends and technologies, providing enterprises with valuable insight into the direction of the industry and helping to shape next-generation strategies. Identifying and tracking more than 120 product features mapped to 32 solutions segments across more than 2,000 key players in the market makes it the most comprehensive digital identity market intelligence tool available globally. This allows senior executives representing small and large businesses to identify opportunities for growth and expansion, as well as potential areas of risk.

Liminal’s landscape methodology relies heavily on rigorous analysis of market sizing, competitive benchmarking, and product features across the entire range of digital identity products and services. Liminal uses primary research techniques, secondary sources, and qualitative input from more than 100 trusted advisors and industry experts globally. Technological, regulatory, process-oriented, investment-related, and product-market awareness are the major shifts and influences on the landscape.

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