State of Identity Podcast

Identity Integrity in MedTech: Navigating Challenges and Innovations in Healthcare Security

The latest State of Identity podcast, hosted by Cameron D’Ambrosi, is joined by John Baird, Founder & CEO of Vouched. Vouched specializes in leveraging computer vision and AI for identity verification solutions across various industries, focusing on the healthcare sector in this episode. The discussion highlights the growing complexity of healthcare fraud and the limitations of traditional verification methods in maintaining identity integrity. Baird emphasizes the unique challenges in healthcare, underscoring the need for innovative, accessible identity verification solutions to aid underserved communities and combat advanced threats like deepfakes. Stay tuned as our speakers unpack the far-reaching benefits, both in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency, that come with the implementation of improved identity verification practices within the healthcare industry.

Hosted by
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Senior Principal at Liminal
John Baird
Co-founders and CEO
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