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At Liminal, we apply our identity expertise to identify pressing business challenges and propose solutions, so that you’re ready to launch your next moonshot

How we do it

We don’t just consider how attractive a market is… we also look at how feasible it is. We provide our clients with the insights and perspectives they need to build products and services that will maintain a competitive advantage for the long haul. 

Market Analysis and
Distribution Strategy

Liminal carefully distills your product’s value prop, solidifies a competitive pricing strategy, establishes appropriate distribution channels, curates a multi-pronged marketing plan, and performs market penetration testing, all preparing your teams to celebrate the big day.

Program Expansion

Liminal’s Go-to-Market Methodology also extends to products already in-market. We evaluate the performance of in-flight products and programs, addressing market, economic, and regulatory challenges in order to propel growth.

Golden Cog

We’ve established our own proprietary Golden Cog Strategy to unearth dominating forces that underpin nascent, fragmented, and emerging markets in order to capture unrealized opportunities and value pools. With our proprietary methodology, we are able to help our clients identify demand-driven use cases, establish the technologies available, pinpoint where investments are flowing, and discover the spaces that require more innovation.

Our clients trust us with creating blueprints for success, from identifying buyer personas and designing customer journeys to positioning products to enter new markets.

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