Liminal Takes a Deep Dive into Risk-Based Age Verification at Enformion-Hosted Webinar


In an upcoming webinar hosted by Enformion, Liminal will explore the evolving landscape of age verification in the webinar titled ‘Risk-Based Approaches to Age Verification.’ The session will feature key insights from industry experts, including Will Charnley from Liminal, Garient Evans from Information, and Michael Rodriguez from Bureau.ID. They will discuss the complexities of complying with state-led Risk-Based Age Verification mandates in the absence of federal legislation and the impact of these regulations on businesses and consumers.

Navigating Regulatory Complexity in Age Verification

The webinar will address businesses’ significant challenges due to varying state regulations and the push toward adopting more sophisticated, risk-based verification methods. As traditional age verification techniques—such as government-issued IDs and selfies—face criticism for privacy concerns and create user friction, the discussion will pivot to innovative solutions that offer more reliable and user-friendly experiences. To effectively navigate this complex regulatory landscape, several authoritative bodies have introduced standards such as the ‘ISO Working Draft Age Assurance Systems Standard’ and the British Standards Institute’s ‘Online age checking. These standards promote a risk-based approach to age verification, where the level of assurance adjusts based on the potential risk to children accessing specific products or services. Consequently, the verification demands can vary, with scenarios deemed lower-risk requiring less stringent verification methods, thus aligning regulatory compliance with practical usability.

Insights from Liminal’s Expertise in Digital Identity Assurance

Drawing from extensive experience in digital identity verification, Liminal’s participation is set to illuminate the session with advanced strategies for enhancing age verification frameworks. This includes exploring probabilistic and deterministic methods, flexible workflows, and how to integrate these systems to accommodate new regulatory demands without compromising privacy or user experience.

A Forward-Looking Approach to Age Verification

The webinar will explore future trends in digital authentication, focusing on the following:

  • Navigating State Regulations: How states are leading age verification mandates due to the absence of federal legislation.
  • Challenges and Solutions: The challenges associated with traditional age verification methods, such as government-issued IDs and selfies, including privacy concerns and user friction.
  • Industry Standards and Guidelines: Insights into age verification standards authorities advocate, understanding their risk-based approach.
  • Flexible Workflows and Solutions: The concept of flexible workflows with multiple-point solutions as the optimal age verification approach.

Attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of how to navigate the complex landscape of regulations and technological advancements in age verification. Register now to secure your spot at our upcoming webinar and gain essential insights into securing digital identities and ensuring compliance in a changing regulatory environment.

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