Digital Identity

At Liminal, we use a proprietary landscape framework that helps us to see not just the what but the how and why of an industry or market ecosystem

How we do it

The Liminal Digital Identity Landscape is a tool and framework we’ve developed to help provide an in-depth look at how Digital Identity applications are evolving and how intersections across solution segments are shaping next-generation strategies.

Honeycombs. Why?

Each segment is a hexagon, or as we call them, honeycombs. Why?

We use the hexagon shape because it allows us to express the inter-connectivity of an ecosystem. Oftentimes, we are evaluating nascent and highly fragmented markets with product gaps. Like a game of Settlers of Catan, the hexagon shape ties the landscape together and highlights the risks and opportunities within.

Today, the global market includes over 3,000 companies and is estimated to be worth a staggering $210B

Adjacent Segments

We determine where a specific segment is placed in the landscape based on its relationship to the other segments in the ecosystem.

 Factors we consider are:

  • Each solution segment offers its own products, solutions, and services to create a competitive advantage

  • Each segment can be broken down into distinct product features that serve specific use cases and have their own customer purchasing criteria

  • Each segment currently plays a critical role within the larger digital identity ecosystem

The Full Landscape

The landscape is constantly shifting as solution segments evolve and players enter and exit the ecosystem. This insight provides us with the capability to spot new emerging use cases, opportunities to create a competitive advantage, and M&A viability.

2023 Digital Identity Landscape

We update our landscape throughout the year based on our findings from our golden cog methodology. Read more about our Golden Cog Methodology and how we use it to accurately predict the future of the industry

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Digital Identity Landscape 2022

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The 2021 Identity Landscape: Golden Cog Edition

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The 2021 Identity Landscape

January 26, 2021
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